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about us

Two Curators is a family owned and operated non-profit company, we conduct estate sales and liquidations throughout the Metro Atlanta area.  We service all types of estates, and no estate is too big or too small! We have decades of experience and we have decided to transfer our passion for antiques and hobby for pickin' into a business that would benefit others. We sell everything we can, donate the rest and leave you with an empty, broom swept home. It’s a common misconception that estate sales are just for settling the affairs of family members who have passed away, but that simply isn’t true. In fact, there are numerous reasons to have an estate sale - from downsizing to relocating to dealing with financial hardships. No matter the case....we are happy to help! We are Metro Atlanta's only non-profit Estate Sale business!!

Two Curators is a subsidiary of STEAMpink Inc, which is a local family run non-profit whose mission is to increase girls' interest and curiosity in STEAM ( science, technology, engineering, arts and math) through innovative, nationally-recognized STEAM educational programs. Check here for more information about STEAMpink.


                                                                "Look what we found at the Two Curators Estate Sale!"

                                                                "Look what we found at the Two Curators Estate Sale!"


Our Services



We offer a free consultations! During this time we will tour the home, discuss goals and finalize a timeline. Every home is unique and based off of your feedback, we will create a customized plan that maps out our process. We make certain there is no confusion regarding our services or payment.

Staging & pricing

A week before the sale is set to occur, we come in and start staging the sale to be clean, organized, all the while honoring to the estate. During the staging process, we make sure people are provided with a comfortable shopping atmosphere. Valuables, jewelry, sterling, etc., are attended by a staff member.

clean out

Clean out is an optional service. It includes the removal of all personal property including debris, trash and foodstuffs. We go through and empty every room, attic, basement, garage and storage shed. 


Broom clean

Broom clean is the condition in which sellers are required to leave their homes when the closing takes place. This is a step beyond clean out, and includes vacuuming & sweeping floors.

licensed & Insured

We are fully licensed with the State of Georgia. Our liability insurance is a $1 million dollar policy. We also ask the you keep your homeowners policy until after the estate sale process is complete. As they say, "Constant Vigilance!"

"Did you see the pictures for this weeks Two Curators sale?"

"Did you see the pictures for this weeks Two Curators sale?"

Multi-Media Advertising

We advertise and entice people using pictures on national estate sale sites. We place ads with Google AdWords, to reach people over 40 miles away.  We also provide signage for miles around to point people in the right direction, not to mention our mailing lists, newspapers and Facebook communities that we contact weeks prior to every sale.

running the sale

Show time! The estate sale itself is only 3-4 days usually. We offer ample staff who are professional, honest, courteous and kind. We price to reflect today's market and our combined experience and researching skills, results in our ability to reach high goals for estate sales. After the sale is over, if there are any leftovers, you may choose to keep them or we contact the charity of your choice to schedule pickup. We will include their write off with your records and check after 7-10 business days.


Receive your records & Check in 7-10 business days

It doesn't take long before we have everything compiled and ready to mail. After the conclusion of the sale, we send out a summary of sale results showing the gross sale proceeds, the fees and expenses deducted, and the net proceeds distributed, as well as a check for the proceeds.  If you donated to charity, we also include a write off.


"Sale opens in 10 minutes!"

"Sale opens in 10 minutes!"



Reasonable rates

Free Consultations
Commission - Our service fee varies with every estate sale because each sale is unique!
         Includes multi-media advertising, liability insurance, staging, pricing, additional staff, running the sale as well as optional clean outs.
Professionally Clean - We can give you a quote for this service during our complimentary consultation.

A mighty fine selection, if I do say so myself!

A mighty fine selection, if I do say so myself!


Know someone preparing for an estate sale??? Send them our way so we can ensure their sale is a success!!!

Refer a friend and Get rewarded!
receive a $100 gift card from us when they sign a contract!!!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do to prepare for a sale?

First, make sure to get your legal house in order. If there has been a death in the family, make sure that you have legal title and full authority to sell. Additionally, that all disbursements have been made to any and all heirs before our consultation. If there's a divorce or bankruptcy liquidation afoot, make sure that you talk to legal counsel before calling us so they can approve the go ahead. If you are the representative of an estate, we will need to have a photocopy of the necessary legal documents which authorize you to dispose of the contents. Lastly, we encourage families to take those items that have sentimental value before we assess the home. In the meantime, don't donate or throw anything away! Let us see if we can sell it!!

2. Do you sell cars?

Abolutely, yes!

3. What if you find personal items (money, paperwork, photographs etc) while preparing the house for the sale?

No worries, we box all of these items up for you and either make arrangements for you to pick them up or ship them to you if you are out of area.

4. The executor/executrix lives out of state.  Can we still proceed with a liquidation?

Certainly.  We often work for out of state heirs, executors/executrixes, trustees etc.  All necessary arrangements can, if necessary, be handled via telephone calls, faxes and e-mails.

5. What do you do with items that don’t sell?

Naturally, we strive to sell the contents of an estate, but there are always some things left over in each estate. It’s little more than common and miscellaneous household “stuff” and perhaps a few small pieces of furniture that one finds unsold at the end of an average sale. We always encourage our clients to walk through an estate after the sale but before the charities arrive, thus giving our clients the opportunity to decide if there’s anything that they don’t want to go to charity. We are not antique dealers and under no circumstances do we buy remainders. To do so, we believe, lacks integrity, constitutes a conflict of interest at best, or even a serious ethical violation at worst.

There's always something for everyone!

There's always something for everyone!




We love to hear from you!


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