Our Services



We offer a free consultations! During this time we will tour the home, discuss goals and finalize a timeline. Every home is unique and based off of your feedback, we will create a customized plan that maps out our process. We make certain there is no confusion regarding our services or payment.

Staging & pricing

A week before the sale is set to occur, we come in and start staging the sale to be clean, organized, all the while honoring to the estate. During the staging process, we make sure people are provided with a comfortable shopping atmosphere. Valuables, jewelry, sterling, etc., are attended by a staff member.

clean out

Clean out is an optional service. It includes the removal of all personal property including debris, trash and foodstuffs. We go through and empty every room, attic, basement, garage and storage shed. 


Broom clean

Broom clean is the condition in which sellers are required to leave their homes when the closing takes place. This is a step beyond clean out, and includes vacuuming & sweeping floors.

licensed & Insured

We are fully licensed with the State of Georgia. Our liability insurance is a $1 million dollar policy. We also ask the you keep your homeowners policy until after the estate sale process is complete. As they say, "Constant Vigilance!"

"Did you see the pictures for this weeks Two Curators sale?"

"Did you see the pictures for this weeks Two Curators sale?"

Multi-Media Advertising

We advertise and entice people using pictures on national estate sale sites. We place ads with Google AdWords, to reach people over 40 miles away.  We also provide signage for miles around to point people in the right direction, not to mention our mailing lists, newspapers and Facebook communities that we contact weeks prior to every sale.

running the sale

Show time! The estate sale itself is only 3-4 days usually. We offer ample staff who are professional, honest, courteous and kind. We price to reflect today's market and our combined experience and researching skills, results in our ability to reach high goals for estate sales. After the sale is over, if there are any leftovers, you may choose to keep them or we contact the charity of your choice to schedule pickup. We will include their write off with your records and check after 7-10 business days.


Receive your records & Check in 7-10 business days

It doesn't take long before we have everything compiled and ready to mail. After the conclusion of the sale, we send out a summary of sale results showing the gross sale proceeds, the fees and expenses deducted, and the net proceeds distributed, as well as a check for the proceeds.  If you donated to charity, we also include a write off.


"Sale opens in 10 minutes!"

"Sale opens in 10 minutes!"